CNC Engraving

Plastic Injection mold for bottle caps.

High quality engravings in any type of material, both in long series and unique pieces. OMELLA engravings works steels and metals, even pieces of great hardness such as hardened pieces or pieces of widia (hard metal).

Omella Engravings also makes CNC engravings on soft materials such as plastics, methacrylates, resins, etc. Engravings in high and low relief all kinds of texts, figures, slots, on flat surfaces, radii, inclined profiles and on 3d surfaces. From 3d models both physical and computer in most formats, IGS, Parasolid, DWG…

Omella engravings performs the corresponding 3d engravings or machining either large pieces for the industry as very small for jewellery or engineering works.

CNC engraving of long series at very competitive prices while maintaining the quality standards. These long series can count with numberings or texts that vary in each unit. OMELLA engravings also makes collections of alphabets or numberings either electrodes for use in EDM machines, punches or steel stamps, stencils, etc.