Laser Engraving

High quality deep and 3d laser engravings, both in long series and unique pieces. The high-powered laser allows deep engraving, with the depth and conicity that is required and even 3d. The centring of the engraving on the mould or the piece is perfect by means of an optical system (46 megapixels) of great precision. Omella laser engravings Laser etches all kinds of metal, steel, iron, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, silver and gold. Omella engravings can also engrave high hardness parts such as hardened steel parts or widia (hard metal) parts.

Engravings in high and low relief all kinds of texts, figures, slots, on flat surfaces, radii, inclined profiles and on 3d surfaces. From 3d models both physical and computer in most 3d formats Omella laser engravings performs the corresponding engravings in small pieces for the industry or very small for jewellery or engineering work. Laser Engraving Omella is the perfect partner for the production of dies, engravings and machining of fine structures that are not possible with a traditional engraving system. Also the engravings of deep areas of difficult access are possible with the laser technology used by Omella engravings.

Single pieces
engraving unique pieces
Omella engravings specializes in engraving unique pieces.

Long series
Engraving long series
Engraving long series at very competitive prices maintaining the quality standards since the laser engraving does not exist the wear of the tool. These long series can count with numberings or texts that vary in each unit.

Mixed engraving CNC-laser
CNC mixed engraving with laser
Omella laser engravings has various systems for engraving, which can be combined to achieve the most accurate and efficient result. The most outstanding is the CNC mixed engraving with laser, recording the thick areas to CNC and the most delicate to laser.