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Laser engraving Machine Omella
Since 1957, Omella Industrial Engravings, is dedicated to the realization of high quality engravings for the industry and jewellery workshops.

Accumulating from a part experience and vocation of the future, adapting to the most modern technologies and with the conviction of the learning and the trade above all, Omella engravings Barcelona offers the most opportune solutions that the criterion dictates for each case.

Today it works on a wide variety of products related to engraving and machining. It treats from small punches of jewellery, to matrices for the stamping of casks, long series of engravings or pieces stamped or die-cut and also unique pieces like electrodes, moulds or prototypes.

Omella Industrial Engravings puts at your service, apart from the traditional tools of artisan engraving, the most cutting edge machine tool for machining and engraving as CNC milling machines, high-power 3d laser and EDM machinery. Omella Engravings also has its own design department.

If you are interested in receiving more information about Omella Industrial Engravings or our exporting services please get in touch with us.

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