Ice marking plate

Custom brass ice marking plate 200x100x10mm customized with logo and local name, in the first column and three areas with geometric motifs.

With this plate you can mark very quickly the 6 faces of crystalline ice cubes for cocktails.

The combinations obtained with the three geometric motifs, the logo and the name of the premises, are very high, allowing the total customization of each cocktail served in the same room, with a single plate.

This plate to mark crystalline ice is a novelty in the sector, generates a great surprise and an unforgettable memory in the customers of the Bar, Restaurant or Cocktail Bar that have visited.

Delivery time 2 weeks

Care: Dry with kitchen paper, do not leave the plate wet for long periods of time and keep it upside down to promote the fall of water drops.

Customize ice with logo on all sides.

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