Engraved cylinders and shafts

Engraved cylinders and shafts

Omella Industrial Engravings engrave precision measurements, such as scales in millimeters on custom cylinders, adjusting to the radius perfectly.

Omella Engravings processes the entire part from the plane of the cylinder or performs only the engraving on the cylinder.

Engraving and circular marking of elements such as shafts, cylinders, rings, discs, nonios, for precision industrial machines.

On the other hand, Omella Engravings uses the latest technology to meet all the needs required by roller engraving, using 4-axis CNC machinery for large rollers, 3D laser for small. To make this type of engraving we have divider disks that, coupled to laser engraving machines, allow us to obtain a level of millimetric precision, which facilitates us to make millimetric parts widely used in industrial sectors, chemists and pharmacists.

With these procedures Omella Engravings manufactures a wide variety of products such as, safe knobs, millimeter cylinders, machinery shafts, circular potentiometers, tubes and millimeter regulators.

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