Embossed or honored engraved steel plate

Commemorative or homage plate engraved in Corten steel
This embossed steel plate is rusted and then engraved. Subsequently the plate is given a treatment to stop the oxidation process in the engraved texts, highlighting above the oxide.

This plate is ideal for interiors. Outdoors with caution, if it is exposed to rain over the years it degrades.

Plates with folded edges and welded

placa acero corten

These plates can be served with folded tray-type edges to simulate a great thickness without the weight that a solid plate would have. Four interior bolts are used to hang them on the wall.

Plates Casa Milà La Pedrera

Placas Casa Milà La Pedrera Placas Casa Milà La Pedrera
Embossed steel plates for Casa Milà La Pedrera, one of the most charismatic buildings in Barcelona.

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