Stamps to mark meat carcasses with ink for the meat industry

Sanitary stamp


Metallic stamp in bronze or stainless steel with nylon handle to mark meat carcasses with food ink for the meat and food industry: slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and butcher shops.

This oval-shaped health stamp has two sizes:

  • 45x30mm to mark the health mark of lambs and piglets
  • 60x45mm to mark the pig and beef health mark

This health seal or also called oval or health registration, is manufactured according to the european regulations and includes the following information:

  • Name or initials of the country where the establishment is located
  • Slaughterhouse authorization number
  • CE code

A guide with interchangeable digits can be added to this stamp to put the date (Consult)

Omella Engravings also manufactures ink stamps in bronze or stainless steel with a nylon handle with any design you need, logo, halal brand, week and year markers for hams, etc. To mark all types of meat with food ink. 

Ink pad for meat industry 100x150mm

Pad to place the contact ink to mark meat.

 Food ink for marking meat


Food ink to mark approved meat with health registration and health technical sheet. They guarantee the perfect marking on the fresh meat, even if it is subsequently salted, smoked or frozen.
The brand is perfectly perceived.
Color Brown E-155.
1 liter bottle



  • Sanitary stamp in bronze 45x30mm with nylon handle 105€ + VAT
  • Sanitary stamp in stainless steel 45x30mm with nylon handle €165 + VAT
  • Sanitary stamp in bronze 65x45mm with nylon handle 115€ + VAT
  • Sanitary stamp in stainless steel 65x45mm with nylon handle 180€ + VAT
  • Ink pad for meat industry 100x150mm 38€ + VAT
  • Food ink to mark brown meat. 1 liter bottle 25€ + VAT


  1. Hi

    I need food grade stamp for pork meat as a means to identify products coming from our slaughter unit. I would appreciate that you send me a quote for the meat stamp, ink and ink pad, where possible.


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