Jewelry engraving

Engraved Inner ring

Omella Engravings can engrave on any type of precious metal, silver, gold, platinum and even non-precious hard materials such as stainless steel, or soft such as copper, brass, bronze or aluminum.In the workshop of Barcelona of Omella Engravings the engraving of all kinds of jewels in precious materials mainly for goldsmith jewelery workshops and artisan jewelers is made.

Omella Engravings makes the engravings in unique pieces or in models to then cast them in silver or gold. Engraved in flat jewels, ring interiors, ring exteriors, irregular surfaces and even in places of difficult access.

Deep engravings, as deep as you want and with great precision both in detail and in centering thanks to the use of the latest technology. Centering relies on an optical microscope integrated in the 3D laser engraving machine. For engraving, the 3D laser, is regulated with great precision according to the material of the jewel to be engraved.

The engraving in jewels although uses the minimum of necessary power for the engraving of the jewel, leaves a minimum of burr. To get the best finish it is advisable to review the polish of the jewel once it has been engraved.

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