Stamp for marking ice

The ambient-temperature ice stamp is used to mark the bar, hotel or bartender brand with a logo on the ice used in gourmet cocktails or ice for gin tonic or whisky.

To mark ice with this stamp must be used at room temperature or heated with hot tap water if you have to mark a lot.

The effect of branding on cocktails is very novel and customers always remember the name of the mixologist, bartender or local where they tasted the cocktail.

This ice marking seal can be made of brass (brass is not certified as valid for food use) or food grade AISI 316 stainless steel. The material taco is thick, 15mm so that the seal has enough mass so that simply by weight mark the ice and manage to retain the environmental temperature in your body and contrast with the ice.

Standard measurements are 30 and 40mm diameter engraved 1.8mm in high relief for 40 and 50mm cubes. Although Omella Engravings can make stamps and engravings in any size and shape to customer’s requirements.






In our opinion, this magnificent work of art embodies attention to detail. It’s the smallest details that make the biggest difference, no matter how pretentious they may seem. A sincere effort to make a genuine impression will never go unnoticed.

Stainless seals for marking ice with premium handles for cocktails.

Omella Engravings has high quality handles to give a touch of distinction to the seals marking ice. Instead of the wooden or nylon handle you want an artistic engraved handle to draw even more attention to customers, has these three handles in steel and murano glass.

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