Steel stamp for marking with a hit of hammer or with fire.

Material: Steel and wooden handle

Marking sizes: 15x15mm, 20x20mm and 30x30mm

This punch for marking wood with fire or with a hit is a very versatile tool. It’s a steel stamp and a branding iron in one product.

It is a solid punch, made of steel, to mark wood by hitting, hitting with a hammer. On its back it has a threaded hole. A wooden handle with a metal stud can be mounted into this threaded hole so that it can then be heated with a blowtorch and fire-branded wood.

Steel stamp created from customer’s design.

It is used both for hammer marking and for thermo-engraving by threading a wooden handle to its back and heating the end of the mark with a torch.

It is a punch with which metal, wood, leather and plastic can be marked by blow. And it can heat mark wood, leather and plastic.

Mixed punch to hit with hammer and mark with fire, steel and removable wooden handle.

Mixed stamp punch to mark wood or leather, by blow and fire.

It is a steel punch, a little shorter than the normal ones (80mm) with a threaded hole to screw a long pink stud with a varnished wooden handle.

In this way it can be used as a punch by striking with a hammer, or as a heat seal by heating it with a blowtorch, when the handle is mounted. Awl to mark with hammer and fire, stamp to mark with hammer and fire personalized with logo or text.

Steel stamp for marking with a hit or with fire.

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